MISSION: Our mission is to harvest people locally, regionally and internationally, empowering them to become fully functioning followers of Jesus.

VISION: Today’s Harvest Church is called to be a “home” where Christ is head, the Father is glorified, the Holy Spirit is honored and the Bible is our rule for living. A Church where people are loved on purpose, the Word of faith is proclaimed, the lost are saved, the sick are healed, lives are restored, believers become disciples and harvest takes place in every area of life.

We are called to reach into Today’s changing culture with the always relevant, unchanging message of the gospel. Called to share Jesus with the thousands of full time and part time residents of the Grand Strand and surrounding communities. Our vision includes welcoming one thousand members. A slice of the population including those of all ages and ethnic origin unified in the fellowship of our Church family; where we learn to love, laugh and live in community together. A Church where members are encouraged to grow strong in the Word and walk in the ways of the Spirit through participating in large Bible based services, small, intimate connection groups, or intensive Bible School and training while working together in Today’s Ministry of Helps.

A Church with creative, inspiring and authentic heartfelt worship where God is able to demonstrate His love, show His power and prove He is alive and active in this generation. The Word of God, the Spirit of God and our Church family working together to create an environment where lives can be changed, matured, equipped and empowered to minister life to others.

A Church where the harvest is transformed into harvesters! A team where every member knows they are of equal value in God’s eyes and that every position on the team is needed to win. A win happens when somebody’s life is changed. Somebody receives salvation, or is healed, or baptized in the Holy Spirit. Somebody is equipped or empowered to minister life to another.

Today’s Harvest Church has a mandate to duplicate; local Church growth, regional Church planting and ends of the earth mission outreach. Our vision includes planting daughter Churches in surrounding communities that hunger for God and His will to be established. Regionally, we work with AFCM to encourage, strengthen and equip ministers and new Church planting and growth in the Carolinas and Virginia.